Runway 18R
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C-FVLQ - Air Canada
Air Canada at Amsterdam
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These are the 2 planes from Altenrhein.
Name: Cessna
Aircraft: 525 CitationJet 1
Regi: N198JH
Airline: Biorem Engineering
Iata: ACH
Airport: Altenrhein
Date: 2018-05-28 14:18
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Flightnr: ACH-
Name: Embrear
Aircraft: ERJ-170LR
Regi: OE-LTK
Airline: Peoples Viennaline
Iata: ACH
Airport: Altenrhein
Date: 2018-05-28 14:26
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Flightnr: ACH-
Runway 36L
Kloten Intl. Airport
Five days visit to East Switserland made us to visit Altenrhein and Zurich. Altenrhein is a hub of the Austrian Airliner Peoples Viennaliner. (Vienna) End of May a sunny period in Switserland. Except at the day of leaving at Zurich Kloten International Airport.

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