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 2013/09/04 11:39 1st A388 BA G-XLEA FRA-LHR BA903 Delivered 2013/07/04 
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Airbus 320-214 D-AIZJ
Lufthansa at Dusseldorf,

Runway 18L

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There are 41 planes arrived on 5 Platforms. These are planes 1 to 10"
Airbus 321-231 - Turkish Airlines (TK)
Year c/n: 2011 4682
Position: Dusseldorf Q towards 05R
Views: 18 Date: 2015-03-18 10:57
DEP TK1524 IST Istanbul Ataturk Airport Turkey
2015/03/15 08:56 THY2QB	THY2QB - TC-JRO a/c registered in Turkey Turkish Airlines A321
Airbus 320-214 - Belair Airlines (4T)
Regi:HB-IOS 4B169E
Year c/n: 2006 2968 more
Position: Dusseldorf TXWY M towards 05R
Views: 24 Date: 2015-03-18 11:09
ARR AB252 FUE Fuerteventura El Matorral Airport Spain
2015/03/18 12:03 BER252D BER252D - HB-IOS a/c registered in Switzerland Air Berlin A320
Airbus 320-214W - Eurowings
Regi:D-AIZR 3C6752
Year c/n: 2013 5525
Position: Dusseldorf TXWY M to 05R
Views: 5 Date: 2015-03-18 11:09
ARR 4U9538 VLC Valencia Valencia Spain
2015/03/15 11:10 GWI31Y 4U9538 DUS-VLC D-AIZR a/c registered in Germany Germanwings A320
D-AIZR 3C6752
Boeing 737-82RW - Pegasus Airlines (H9)
Regi:TC-AGP 4B84FD
Year c/n: 2011 40728
Position: Dusseldorf TXWY M from 05R
Views: 5 Date: 2015-03-18 11:52
ARR PGT0304 SAW Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Turkey
2015/03/18 13:26 PGT30HQ PC0304 DUS-SAW TC-AGP a/c registered in Turkey Pegasus Airlines B738
Airbus 319-112 - Germanwings (4U)
Regi:D-AKNH 3C6DC8
Year c/n: 1998 794
Position: Dusseldorf TXWY M from 05R
Views: 4 Date: 2015-03-18 11:54
Airbus 320-232 - British Airways (BA)
Regi:G-MIDO 4009F9
Year c/n: 2003 1987
Position: Dusseldorf R-S
Views: 5 Date: 2015-03-18 12:04
DEP BA938 LHR London Heathrow England
2015/03/18 09:50 BAW938 BA0938 LHR-DUS G-MIDO a/c registered in United  Kingdom British Airways	A320
G-MIDO 4009F9
Airbus 320-214 - TAP Air Portugal (TP)
Regi:CS-TNN 4951CE
Year c/n: 2002 1816
Position: Dusseldorf Airborn 23L
Views: 4 Date: 2015-03-18 12:10
DEP TAP541 LIS Lissabon Aeroporto Humberto Airport Portugal
2015/03/18 13:02 TAP541D TAP541D - CS-TNN a/c registered in Portugal TAP Air Portugal	A320
Cessna 560XL Citation XLS - NetJets Transportes Aereos
Regi:CS-DXR 491312
Year c/n: 2007 560-5748
Position: Dusseldorf TXWY M towards 23L
Views: 4 Date: 2015-03-18 12:13
CS-DXR 491312
Fokker F28-070 - KLM Cityhopper (WA)
Regi:PH-KZU 484B02
Year c/n: 1995 11543 more
Position: Dusseldorf Airborn 23L
Views: 13 Date: 2015-03-18 12:17
2015/03/18 20:51 KLM1028	KLM1028 -	PH-KZU	
a/c registered in Netherlands, Kingdom of the
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines	F70
PH-KZU 484B02
Embrear ERJ-170STD 170-100 - Cityflyer Express
Regi:G-LCYD 40609A
Year c/n: 2009 17000294
Position: Dusseldorf
Views: 9 Date: 2015-03-18 12:24
G-LCYD 40609A
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Das mussen wir uns ansehen! Einen Tag ohne Lufthansa Kisten. Die Piloten streiken! Trotsdem zwei Lufthansa Flieger erwist. An dieser tag sind da fiele Germanwings Flugzeugen an zu schauen.
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