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 2013/09/04 11:39 1st A388 BA G-XLEA FRA-LHR BA903 Delivered 2013/07/04 
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Fokker F27-050 - VLM Airlines (VG)
Regi:OO-VLS 44D993
Year c/n: 1987 20109
Position: Rotterdam D Apron
Views: 580 Date: 2006-07-24 12:56
ARR VG 231 JER Jersey Airport England
JER Jersey VG 231 VG 9:15 AM 9:23 AM ~ Unknown F50
OO-VLS 44D993
Boeing 737-7K2W - Transavia (HV)
Regi:PH-XRV 4843D9
Year c/n: 2005 34170
Position: Rotterdam B Apron
Views: 561 Date: 2006-07-24 12:58
ARR HV6036 FCO Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport Italy
PH-XRV   (B737         HV) 1116 20060724 HV6036 (FCO-RTM) [Switzerland, Aarau]
PH-XRV 4843D9
Fokker F27-050 - KLM Cityhopper (WA)
Regi:PH-KVE 48410D
Year c/n: 1990 20206 more
Position: Rotterdam E Apron
Views: 612 Date: 2006-07-24 13:06
DEP KL1332 LHR Heathrow Airport England
PH-KVE   (FK50 WA) 0901 20060724 KL1332 (EGLL-EHRD) [Walton-on-Thames (5 Miles from Heathrow)]
PH-KVE 48410D
Boeing 737-8K2W - Transavia (HV)
Regi:PH-HZB 4840FF
Year c/n: 1998 28374
Position: Rotterdam D Apron
Views: 704 Date: 2006-07-24 13:08
DEP HV0509 CFU Corfu Kapodistrias International Airport Greece
PH-HZB   (B738         HV) 1318 20060724 HV0509 () [somewhere]
Boeing 737-7K2W - Transavia (HV)
Regi:PH-XRZ 4841D7
Year c/n: 2003 33462
Position: Rotterdam B Apron
Views: 617 Date: 2006-07-24 13:08
DEP HV5053 ALC Alicante Airport Spain
PH-XRZ   (B737 HV) 1426 20060724 HV5053 (RTM-ALC) [somewhere]
PH-XRZ 4841D7
Fokker F27-050 - VLM Airlines (VG)
Regi:PH-DMT 4843AD
Year c/n: 1991 20208 more
Position: Rotterdam C Apron
Views: 581 Date: 2006-07-24 13:12
Airbus 321-231 - Onur Air (8Q)
Year c/n: 2001 1421
Position: Rotterdam A Apron
Views: 677 Date: 2006-07-24 13:56
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