easyJet A320 at Amsterdam!easyJet A320 at Amsterdam!

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Airbus 320-214 from easyJet at Amsterdam.
 MSN Year:5020 2012
 Date of picture:2013-05-01 09:42
 Position:airborn 09
 Flight: DEP MXP U22724 Milan Malpensa Airport Italy
 Logs: G-EZUM (A320 U2) 0959 20130501 U262AC () [Zwolle, the Netherlands]
MXP Milan U2 2724 easyJet 9:35 AM 9:30 AM T-3 M1 Unknown 320
Airbus A320-200 easyJet G-EZUM M1 EZY 2723 Milan Malpensa 09:05 08:41 Geland EZY 2724 Milan Malpensa 09:35 09:30 Vertrokken
406667 EZY62AC G-EZUM A320 2325 36400 01-05-2013 09:41:51 Breda
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