Airbus 320-214 from Air France at Amsterdam.
 MSN Year:4295 2010
 Date of picture:2012-08-16 09:06
 Position:final 18C
 Flight: ARR CDG AF1340 Paris Charles de Gaulle France
 Logs: F-HEPD (A320 AF) 1320 20120816 AF174P () [Chelmsford, Essex, UK]
CDG Paris AF 1340 Air France 9:10 AM 9:12 AM Landed On-time 320
Airbus A320-200 Air France F-HEPD 20th visit* C07 AF 1340 Paris de Gaulle 09:10 09:04 Geland AF 1341 Paris de Gaulle 10:45 10:45 Vertrokken
3991E3 AFR134P F-HEPD A320 0 8900 16/08/2012 08:36:28
2012/08/16 06:24 AFR134P AF1340 CDG-AMS F-HEPD Air France A320
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